1: BACKYARD GARDENING: Save $ on food/grow your own

Growing your own in your backyard can be satisfying, and give you fresh produce to help assist the grocery bills.

-Tools: use old pop bottles w/ holes to make pots: Bottle plant holders

-Soil-n-Compost: use soil from backyard and your Kitchen scraps: Composting & MUN Botanical Gardens has step-by-step instructions: Composting at Botanical Gardens . Get a subsidized backyard compost bin here: Subsidized Compost Bins

-Replant Food: replant leftover food so they can grow more! Food that Regrows

-Follow NL Planting dates: Planting months in NL

-Follow Backyard Gardening Pages: Backyard Vegetable Gardeners NL:A) Gardeners NL B)Backyard Homesteading NL

-Upcycle old freezers in DIY root cellars for cost savings/storing/preserving : A)Upcycle a DIY Root Cellar  B) Consult FoodFirstNL who consolidated Root Cellars Rock FoodFirstNL

-Do community gardening- contact Food First NL Website   Food First NL Links

-Learn composting and growing from Botanical Gardens


Eating vegetarian can be far cheaper, and made so familiar to your regular recipes.

-Buy bulk or frozen, ex. frozen veg/fruit: Frozen Food Facts picked at peak ripeness, but can often break down full spectrum of vita/nutrients during shipping (eco food miles considered also) but can be cost savings. Rideshare/carpool to Bulkbarn for bulk grains.

-Protein subs: Buy beans in bulk (soak/rinse before using) , or buy bulk lentils instead of meat like ground beef/chicken/steak/roast. Buy vegetarian chicken (like boxed Dominion Blue Menu) instead of chicken. Buy tofu (in blocks or in cartons) and marinate with sauces for a cheaper alternative to chicken, fish.

*supplement your vegetarian diet with adequate B12, like through nutritional yeast(found at many stores) in bulk for cheap(sprinkle on like cheese).

*go banana crazy: full of positive carbs and potassium, bananas in NL are cheap. If darkening, peel, freeze, and later take out to blend with cinnamon, sugar to make “nice cream” as a healthy choice!banana-clip-art-301894

-Join NL Vegans for ideas, recipes, transitioning: NL Vegans


-Food bank listings :A) St.John’s Food Banks

-Check weekly flyers: A) Sobeys Flyer  B) Dominion Flyer C) Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer D)No Frills Flyer E) Coleman’s Flyer F) Pipers Main Page G) Walmart Flyer


-Recycle to redeem $ and be Eco!Earning money through recycling is simple – receive a refund on any beverage container consumers pay a deposit on:

  • Non-alcoholic containers: 5 cent refund
  • Alcoholic containers: 10 cent refund
  • Local and imported beer bottles: 5 cent refund
  • (drop off locations + what you can recycle: EverGreen Recycling )

-Can and bottle your own if food going off or have an excess of apples, etc.

-Forage and tap for maple when you can

-Lobby gvnt and restaurants for waste free: Restaurant Saves Leftovers



-Consumer waste, societal consumption overload, hunger, waste reclamation and minimization

Remember that making use of discarded “waste” is legal, but trespassing is not. Be careful to wear gloves and boots/protective clothing. In our consumerist society, upcycling/recycling food and/or items can be a monetary benefit, and benefit to our wasteful society as most is going to a landfill, and food took time, sun energy, soil, water, and food miles to get here. Most large scale places like Walmart/Bed Bath, etc use large scale compactors to limit waste at landfills, but smaller scales will dumpster- easy consumables can be resold on kijiji, craigslist, amazon, or ebay (for larger items), most food should be inspected if edible, and guidelines for best before date. Some larger scale operations will close and dump around 10:30pm before 11pm closure. Matt Malone’s Dumpster Diving Life         Dos and Donts of Dumpster Diving      Freegan Lifestyle        Check out the documentary from Vancouver’s “Just Eat It” Vancouver’s Dumpster Divers


*Quoted from Canadian Psychiatric Association CPA Website: “Non-emergency referrals to psychiatrists are generally obtained through your family doctor. The first step is an appointment with your regular family physician or a primary (community) health centre to discuss your mental health problem and request a referral to a psychiatrist in your area. If you do not have a family doctor or are not served by a local health centre, you can contact your provincial College of Physicians and Surgeons or Medical Board for help to find a primary care physician. If you experience urgent mental health problems, go to the nearest hospital emergency department, where you will be seen by a psychiatrist or resident on emergency call if required. If you or a family member experience distress and cannot get to an emergency department, contact a distress or crisis phone line service; they are located in many urban centres and regions. This information is available in local phone books or by calling police. Some provinces offer additional services to patients seeking referrals to psychiatrists:The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador website has a physician search directory. However, referrals to psychiatrists are made by general practitioners only, and physicians listed in the directory may not be accepting patients.”


Prov.Prog List: Dept.Health&Commun.  Emergency:Mental Health Crisis Line (24 Hour)Local: (709) 737-4668  Toll-Free: 1-888-737-4668

-Suicide Prevention from Canadian Mental Health Association: Preventing Suicide

-Suicide Prevention for Friends and Family: Suicide Prevention

-Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention(CASP): CASP

-Questions to ask someone who may be suicidal: CASP Questions

-Youth Directory through THRIVE: Directory of Services for Youth

In the interim waiting for help, people can reach out for support through:

2.Build your support team/protocols: A) Cndn Mental Health Association LinkB) NL Division

3. Network in Programs or Groups:

-CHANNAL for mental health:networking, social support, programs, consumers of mental health in NL: CHANNAL Main Page

-Mental Health and Addictions Intake: Eastern Health

-Stella’s Circle St.John’s: programs Stella Burry

-NL Addiction Services St.John’s: Addictions Services

-THRIVE for youth 12-18 yrs, mental health programs, awareness, food lobbying: THRIVE Programs

-Smash the Patriarchy- :A) Smash Patriarchy-An Action Team   B) St.John’s Status of Women Council

-St.John’s Native Friendship Centre: Native Friendship Centre website


-Cost effective swim schedules at the Mews Centre: Swim Schedule Updates

-Outdoor Running (free & great exercise): Running Maps/Distances in STJ


-Wednesdays Free at The Rooms 6 – 9 pm:The Rooms

-Free City Kids Activities: City Kids on Kijiji